Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment within Swedish nuclear power generation are accessible here.

The documents describe technical requirements, QA requirements and control requirements connected to deliveries of  electrical equipment and components. The documents are part of a package common for the Swedish nuclear facilities.

As a vendor to the nuclear facilities you are able to read and download documents applicable to electrical equipment.

The TBE/KBE-documents are jointly developed by the Swedish nuclear facilities owners.

All updates are carried out in consultation them between.

Current Version: 18

Released: 2024-05-07

Complete documentation

Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment (TBE).

Requirements necessary for electrical equipment intended for use in nuclear facilities.

Quality and Inspection Requirements for Electrical Equipment (KBE).

Includes Examination Procedures, Inspection and Test Plans.

Document used to help to understand the package and how it has been formed throughout the years. Only available in swedish due to it is only intended as an educational document for personal affected by the requirements.

Complete zipped TBE/KBE v18 package in pdf format for download

Older versions: v17, v16.1, v16, v15

List all documents in the package and their current version and release date.

Applicable standards used to form this document package.

Forms used to help specify specifications for equipment intended to be replaced.