KBE Examination Procedures

Procedures with easy to follow methology and given criteria to fulfill requirements in TBE

KBE EP-101

Visuel Inspection

KBE EP-102

Withstand voltage test

KBE EP-104

Burn-in test

KBE EP-105

Calibration of analogue instruments and equipment

KBE EP-108

Ability to withstand variations in supply voltage and frequency

KBE EP-109

Material quality certificate

KBE EP-111

Inspection of long term stability of process instruments and control equipment

KBE EP-113

Checking of wiring

KBE EP-114

Insulation resistance measurement

KBE EP-115

Performance testing of valve actuators

KBE EP-123

Optical Cables - Attenuation Measurement

KBE EP-128:1

Acceptance test - Stationary Batteries vented types

KBE EP-128:2

Acceptance test - Stationary Batteries valve regulated types

KBE EP-135

Temperature and radiation withstanding of insulated conductors

KBE EP-136

Inspection of temperature sensors

KBE EP-137

Contact resistance measurement

KBE EP-143

Set point stability of process parameter limit switches

KBE EP-146

Electrical containment penetrations

KBE EP-147

Seismic Qualification

KBE EP-148

Inspection of corrosion protection

KBE EP-150

Protective earth continuity examination

KBE EP-151

Environmental Verification for Normal Operating Conditions

KBE EP-152

Verification of function and performance

KBE EP-153

Electromagnetic Compatibility Verification

KBE EP-154

Environmental Qualification for Accident Conditions

KBE EP-170

Asynchronous Electric Motors

KBE EP-180

Quality and Identity Certificate, Inspection Documentation

KBE EP-182

Verification of system specifications

KBE EP-183

Verification of software specification

KBE EP-184

Verification of application software code

KBE EP-185

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of equipment with programmable electronics

KBE EP-186

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of equipment with programmable electronics

KBE EP-187

Evaluation of operating experience

KBE EP-190

Visual Inspection of Printed Board Assemblies

KBE EP-191

Electrical equipment delivery inspection

KBE EP-192

FAT, Factory Acceptance Test

KBE EP-193

SAT, Site Acceptance Test

KBE EP-194

OAT, Operating Acceptance Test